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A commitment to our staff and to providing you the best quality & service

Dear Guests,

At Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, we’re always looking for better ways to serve you. From our menu choices, to our crew’s skill and teamwork, to the ways we source our food, we want to inspire you with excellent service and amazing flavors.

On November 28, 2016 we began adding an 18% service charge in place of a gratuity. All of the proceeds are redistributed to our team through wages, commissions and benefits. Two-thirds of this service charge is paid directly to the employee serving the guest.

The service charge has helped us raise our wages and pay our crew members more equitably—from the servers and bartenders to our kitchen staff. It has also enabled us to provide benefits, including access to health care and retirement for qualifying employees. If at any point our service doesn’t meet your standards for taste or hospitality, simply ask for a manager.

Please get in touch with your questions at Christian@ironrabbit.net. Thank you for your support.


Christian Skillings

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Service Charge

We are moving to a model that’s ultimately fairer for our employees. Tipping only compensates the service staff who you directly connect with: your server, bartender and host, but not the people in the kitchen who prepare your food and keep things running smoothly. We’ve also just raised our wages for employees, and the service charge will help us pay for the increase.

Our goal is for total compensation to remain the same or go up. Previously staff earned a lower minimum wage and income from tips, which they shared with co-workers. Now a server or bartender will receive two-thirds of the service charge as a commission, plus a higher base wage, better benefits, and opportunities for performance-based pay. The remainder is returned to all members of the crew in the form in higher wages, benefits, and performance-based pay.

That won’t solve the problem of inequity between Front of House and Back of House staff. Nor do we want to raise prices to a level that’s unsustainable for guests.

You still can. Your check will reflect the service charge, and your charge slip will still feature a tip line that’s optional.

The charge is based on the average gratuity at Iron Rabbit. We will track how this affects our staff and guests, and adjust as needed.

Service charges are used throughout the world, and increasingly throughout the Puget Sound region and nation. Research tells us there’s no correlation between quality of service and tip amounts, and that tipping doesn’t substantially help attract or retain more service-oriented workers. (Source: Cornell University, tippingresearch.com). In fact, we believe this step will improve service because our employees will be more secure in their jobs.

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