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Moving Away from Service Charge

Dear Guests,

I would like to thank our amazing guests for all their wonderful guidance and input. We always do our best to listen and take your concerns to heart. When we moved to a service charge model, a great deal of thought went into making this difficult decision. At the time, it seemed like the best way forward for our guests and team. With many guests letting us know they preferred to tip and some recent changes in the law, we now feel it is time to move away from the service charge.

You are welcome to tip as you see fit!

We continue to provide benefits and strive to pay our crew members equitably – from the service team to our kitchen staff.

Our dedication to the guest experience is paramount to myself and the team. If at any point we don’t meet your standards for taste or hospitality, simply ask for a manager.

Please get in touch with your questions at info@ironrabbit.net. Thank you for your support and Cheers!

Christian Skillings

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