Cynara Restaurant & Lounge
Cynara Restaurant & Lounge

What’s New?

Cynara Restaurant & Lounge opens this weekend with creative riffs on Mediterranean and Pacific Rim cuisine

Christian Skillings, the owner of west Olympia’s Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, has just opened a new eatery called Cynara Restaurant & Lounge, located at 500 Columbia Street NW in downtown Olympia’s growing Market District.

Cynara (sih-nara) is the Greek word for artichoke. The restaurant will serve sophisticated Mediterranean and Pacific Rim cuisine in a casual yet refined setting. The menu features regionally sourced seafood, produce and spirits—including the Athena’s Chalice cocktail with limoncello and indulgent dishes of lamb stew and chicken veronique.

“Cynara will be a place for locals and guests to gather, to be treated well, and to enjoy a surprise or two on the menu that they can’t find other places,” says Skillings.

Proudly, Olympia

Cynara has been a longtime dream for Skillings who grew up near Olympia. He used to enjoy lunch with his grandmother on the property when it was a five-and-dime store. Some of the construction workers who built Cynara’s interior earlier this year also recalled the old lunch counter from their youth.

Cynara also takes inspiration from ancient Greece and its classical ideals. Among these are harmony of the mind, body and spirit; reciprocity among people; beauty of the body and soul; and of course, great food and wine.

Hours of operation

Cynara is open Tuesday – Saturday night for dinner from 4 to 8 p.m. Starting Soon, the restaurant will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays for lunch and dinner, noon to 8 p.m. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, and safety measures for COVID-19 are in place.

Takeout is available for curbside pickup. Call 360-764-7326 for reservations and visit to view the full menu.


Christian Skillings owns and operates the Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar and Cynara Restaurant & Lounge. The Iron Rabbit is a family restaurant that has served Olympia’s community since 2005, with inspired twists on classic favorites. Sister restaurant Cynara offers sophisticated flavors in Olympia’s vibrant, downtown Market District beginning September 2020.

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